Have Yourself a Merry Little Summit

Yes, I know it’s November. I do know that. But for some of us here at the PASS Summit, it’s like the holidays.

The Summit only comes once a year

Just like Santa, the Summit shows up only once a year. You spend the months beforehand

  • preparing (For how long will I go? Where will I stay? What airline should I fly?)
  • talking about it with your friends and family (Are you going? When will I see you? Will that crazy but loveable uncle stand on the table and sing loudly after a few beers?)
  • telling everyone what you hope to get (I really want a new computer.  What’s so great about those Beyblades?)

basically generating a high level of excitement about an event that is here and gone in the blink of an eye.

You get to see your family

Now, I don’t want to get in trouble with my mom here, but I don’t always want to see all of our family at Christmas. Especially since we drive 10 hours from Cleveland to get there and I don’t want to waste a moment hanging out with the aunt who prattles on needlessly and smells like her cat.

The Summit is different. There might be someone who smells like their cat, but this is family I want to see and spend time with. As I’m quickly learning, the Summit is about spending every extra moment with those family members around all the sessions. Sometimes, what I’m talking to them about outside the sessions is more important than what I’m learning in them.

You don’t get any sleep

My holidays are extremely hectic. I’m only in Iowa for a select number of days, so I cram in as many visits with family and friends as I can. I stay up way too late, get up early, eat too much and typically drink too much. The Summit is no different. Throw in a three hour change in time zones and the wonderful switch out of Daylight Savings Time, and it’s a wonder I managed to sleep in until 6 AM PST today.

You wouldn’t change a thing

The only thing I want is more hours in the day to get it all done. The Summit has exceeded my expectations, not only in content, but in the people that I have met. I have finally met, face-to-face, all of my friends on Twitter. I considered listing everyone and what was the coolest thing about each person, but I figured that would be boring to everyone else. I have heard many great presentations, and expect to hear more the next two days. I don’t know how to sum it up, other than what I already said yesterday in this quick video captured by Aaron Bertrand (blog | Twitter) when I stopped by the SQLSentry booth.  By the way, when you see Aaron, ask him how he did bowling on Monday night.

In all seriousness, if you’re not here and you’re not involved in the community and you’re not on Twitter, you’re just missing the most wonderful time of the year.

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