If performance suddenly tanks, it’s really nice to know what life was like when it was “good.”  Baselines are important!  Below is a list of resources that I reference in my Baseline presentation, and recommend to customers whenever I can.

Baseline Basics

Establishing a Performance Baseline – Windows

Establishing a Performance Baseline – SQL Server specific

Baselining and Benchmarking – SQL Server MCM Readiness Video


Performance Monitor

Quest Software SQL Server PerfMon Counters of Interest

PerfMon Objects, Counters, Thresholds & Utilities for SQL Server – Jimmy May

How I use PowerShell to collect Performance Counter Data – Aaron Bertrand

Using Powershell to Deploy Performance Monitor – Colleen Morrow

Setup Perfmon with PowerShell and Logman – Allen White

Load Perfmon Log Data into SQL Server with PowerShell – Allen White

Manipulating Performance Monitor Logs

What I learned today – the RELOG utility

Using the RELOG utility – Part 2

Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool



Set up and Schedule a Server Side Trace – Grant Fritchey


Precision Performance for Microsoft SQL Server using RML Utilities 9.0

RML Utilities for SQL Server (x64)

RML Utilities for SQL Server (x86)

Qure Analyzer from DBSophic


Dynamic Management Views

SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Diagnostic Queries – Glenn Berry, March 2011

SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 Diagnostic Queries – Glenn Berry, March 2012

Introducing sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats

SQL Server sys.dm_os_wait_stats DMV Queries – Tim Ford

Wait Statistics, or please tell me where it hurts – Paul Randal



WhoIsActive – Adam Machanic, download

Be Prepared: Collecting Data from sp_WhoIsActive in a Table – Kendra Little



Performance Tuning – Brent Ozar