Performance Palooza: We Did It

The Performance Virtual Chapter team rocks.  Seriously.  Today was the Performance Palooza and it went off extremely well for our first all-day event.  I am so, so proud of our team:

I want extend a special thanks to Carlos, Ryan and Wil who helped host today’s sessions and also kept up a steady stream of chatter on Twitter.  They went above and beyond in numerous ways as we prepared for #SQLPalooza (thank you Wil for the hashtag!).

And a shout out to Paul and Yulia for working diligently on the web site.  Over the next few days they will both get the recordings moved over to the Presentation Archive page, where the sessions can be viewed at any time over the next year.  We are also working to get the slide decks from today’s speakers, and will post those (or links to them) on the archive page.

And let’s not forget the speakers!  The sessions were terrific, and we had no major issues – a definite success.  A huge thank you to those who presented today, and contributed great content to the SQL Community:

Please remind me, the next time I see each of you, to buy you dessert (or in Joe’s case, some nachos).

I also want to thank the sponsor for the Performance Virtual Chapter, Confio.  I mentioned today that Confio has supported this VC since it was revived in mid-2010, which is when I started to help out.  Confio has been there the entire way, and their backing is greatly appreciated.  Not every Virtual Chapter has a sponsor, and we are very fortunate as it allows us to do things like gift card giveaways for our sessions.  It’s not something we take for granted, and to everyone at Confio: Thank you.

And speaking of gift cards, we said we would give one away for each session today, and we will be doing that.  However, we do the drawings after the sessions end (it’s the only way to get a list of attendees) and that list is not always available immediately.  Right now, we’re waiting for the reports to be finished in LiveMeeting, and once they are complete we will draw the winners and contact them via email (so don’t give up hope, you still may win if you attended a session today!).

And finally, thank you to all the members of the SQL Community who attended one or more of today’s sessions.  The goal of the VC is to provide quality content to the community, and at the risk of sounding like a proud mom, we knocked it out of the park for our first event.  I can’t wait to see what Ryan and his team do next year.  Carry on my friends, carry on.


2 Responses to Performance Palooza: We Did It
  1. Glenn Berry
    December 7, 2012 | 11:56 am

    Nice job organizing this, Erin!

  2. Argenis Fernandez
    December 7, 2012 | 2:40 pm

    Thanks for having me! Being a part of such a stellar roster of speakers was a huge honor.

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