A Call for Volunteers

In the spring of 2010 I saw this post from Tim Edwards and immediately emailed him.  I was very new to the SQL Server Community at the time and I was looking for ways to get involved.  I thought the Performance Virtual Chapter would be a good fit, and I was right.  Tim selected me to be a member of the team, and I took on the role of hosting the LiveMeetings.  Since then, the Performance VC has hosted well over a dozen meetings, and I have gotten to meet and work with many great individuals within the community.  But I’m not done…

A couple weeks ago Tim stepped down from his position as leader of the group.  We have had people leave the group over time and I’m always bummed when that happens.  I like the people I’ve been working with, so I’m sad I won’t be working with Tim any longer.  However, I know that are numerous factors that affect one’s free time, and sometimes it’s necessary to limit committments to create more time for other things in life.  I get that.

To my surprise, the PASS team that manages the Virtual Chapters asked if I wanted to lead the group.  I thought about it for a bit…I wanted to make sure I could commit the time that was needed first.  I decided I could, and I also realized that I still think there is more we can do with the Virtual Chapters.  I don’t think we’ve tapped into the full potential of the VCs yet, but I need some help figuring out how to do that.  That’s where you come in.

If you are a member of the SQL Server Community who has wanted to get involved for a while, here is your chance.  I’m asking for three things:

  1. That you love all things related to SQL Server and Performance Tuning.  Ok, maybe love is a strong word.  But you should like it.  A lot.
  2. That you can commit 10 hours a month to the VC.  The 10 hours is concentrated in pockets of an hour or two here, an hour or two there.  It is very feasible; being organized helps.
  3. That you commit to the VC for one year.  I asked PASS for a one year commitment, and to me that works both ways.  In December of 2012 I will review the year and where I am, and see if I want to continue.  And I expect the same from PASS in that they review how I did as VC leader, and see if they want me to continue.

Still interested?  Read on…

I believe there is a need for at least five people on the team, in the roles listed below.  I envision having a primary and secondary person for each role, where every person has a primary role, and then a secondary.  It’s my version of High Availability…no one person is a single point of failure.

Speaker Wrangler – This person should either know speakers in the community, or be comfortable reaching out to speakers they have never met to see if they are interesting in presenting for the VC.  We have one presentation a month and I would like to have speakers lined up three months in advance.  And um, speaking of that…Tim Ford ( t | b ) is presenting in December and I am looking for speakers for the beginning of 2012.  Email me if you’re interested!

LiveMeeting Host – Yes Johnny, you can be a host too!  This person will coordinate with the speakers, prepare what’s needed for the LiveMeeting each month and yes, host the LiveMeeting.  I love this role, you’ll have to fight me for it. (I’m kidding.  Kind of.)

Web Master – Who doesn’t want a title that has “master” in it?  This individual manages the Performance VC web site.  The site utilizes DotNetNuke, and I’ve been told it’s very easy to learn.  It’s true, you don’t have to know DotNetNuke for this position.  An eye for design probably helps!  This person’s main responsibilities are keeping the site updated, and making the recorded presentations available on the archive page after the LiveMeetings.

Marketing Genius – There are thousands of people who are members in PASS.  We’re not reaching them.  We need to reach them.  We need a genius to do that.  If you’re all about social media and figuring out new ways to reach the masses, I want you on this team.

I’ve listed four roles, but I’m hoping for another person who might share the primary responsibilities of one role, or just do a little of everything.  Me?  I’m DR…for the most part.  I still need to learn DotNetNuke 🙂

And there you have it.  If you are interested, please email me ( erin dot stellato at sqlpass dot org).  In your email, tell me a little about yourself and what role you’re most interested in.  I respectfully request that you do not say, “I’m happy to do anything.”  That may be true, but what do you really want to do?  I want to know.  If you truly want to do more than one thing, rank your first and second choices.  And if you’re a speaker interested in presenting at a LiveMeeting, email me at the same address with an abstract and when you’re available.

I look forward to hearing from the Community, and to Tim Edwards, I thank you for the initial opportunity you provided to me.  I hope to continue to grow the VC and make you proud!

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